a curious cocktail

Question: What do you get when you cross an architect, a maker, an educator, a passion for design and a love of detail and delivery?

Answer: Creative creative; on time time-management; on budget budget-management; very public and popular, popular public events.

In other words, If... creativity

Imagination, resourcefulness, responsiveness: a strategic vision that is creative and nuanced. It’s events, installations, activations and environments; but not as you know them.

meet the team


Bec Francis

Director, Designer, Doer, Space-shaper, Place-maker, Event Manager, Cat-herder, Educator, Unpaid-Uber-driver-for-teenage-daughter...


Creative Family

Talent & Entertainment, Marketing & Communications, Event Staff, Visual Design & Photography, Production & Construction, Copywriting & Creative…

bec francis

Depending on the hour of the day, and the day of the week, you will find Bec in the midst of event design and direction, theatre/set design, teaching or construction of amusing and engaging creations and activations that bring life to otherwise plain places.

She consistently delivers successful, high calibre events and campaigns including, ‘Stirling Autumn Garden Festival’, ‘Stirling Spin’, ‘Land of the Long Lunch’ and the award-winning ‘Stirling Laneways’.

Bec is a ‘wide achiever’ with a curious and unique skill-set; just as comfortable with a spreadsheet and database, as with paint brushes, a circular saw, cable-ties and papier-mâché! She operates with big-picture creative vision whilst being simultaneously grounded and pragmatic, focusing on the fine detail.

She has a voice for social media (despite deep-down love/hate feelings towards Facebook), and now runs social media platforms for several organisations.

Bec has worked as an architect (Troppo Architects, Tanner & Associates, Howard Choy & Associates) and theatre designer including productions for the Adelaide Cabaret Festival (2012) and Adelaide Festival of Arts (2012).

She is also an award-winning educator, and continues to teach (part-time) at the University of Adelaide in the discipline of Architectural Engineering.

Bec is a proud resident of the Adelaide Hills, active in her local community, and in 2016 was awarded an Australia Day ‘Civic Award’.

working with If...

...respected as the one I always rely on.
Bec made me a tree…
…a big tree…
…a really really cool monster looking tree…
...it was perfect!"

Tim de Jong

Director of Music, Walford Anglican School for Girls

...everything was designed to be attractive and meaningful to locals as well as visitors...
above and beyond the brief...”

David Waters

Director Community & Customer Service, Adelaide Hills Council

creativity, passion and dedication... excellent collaborator... develops strong and fruitful relationships...
(Stirling Laneways is) carefully curated, themed and ever-changing, full of street performance to surprise and delight our visitors.”

Chris March

Chairperson, Stirling Business Association

unwavering support.. and an ability to enable others to succeed.
...goes that extra mile to ensure that every event has impact”

Bernadette Foley

Associate Dean, Faculty of Engineering, Computer & Mathematical Sciences, The University of Adelaide

... adds to the rich local fabric...
invests meaningfully in its future...
imaginative and well-executed initiatives… to inspire and delight"

Ish Davies

Managing Director, News Corp SA

brands who have If...-ed

Unexpected Objects

Creations that enchant, intrigue, captivate and deliver

Unforgettable Experiences

Encounters that brand, impact, cut through and endure

Unusual Environments

Spaces and places that welcome, frame, celebrate and communicate

Unbelievable Outcomes

Sticky spaces, vibrant places, people’s faces, lycra races...


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